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Travel Insurance


Why do I need Travel Insurance?

When taking out travel insurance you are covering yourself against travel risk, which could be lost luggage, flight cancellation or unexpected medical expenses abroad.


Travel Insurance covers

Emergency medical expenses

Losses due to unforeseen cancellations

Disability or death

Luggage cover

Personal liability cover


Participating in sporting activities

Leisure sporting, such as water ski, scuba diving and snow skiing are covered. As injuries are quite common, it worth checking the maximum emergency medical cover and taking out additional medical insurance. Competitive or event sporting and other hazardous activities are excluded as it falls under special cover.


Pregnant travelers

Pregnant travelers will be covered on a standard policy up to the first day of the 26th week of pregnancy. Any baby born whilst on the trip will not be covered.


Senior travelers

Senior travelers over the age of 70 years of age, will pay a higher premium and will not be covered for pre-existing conditions, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.


Travel Insurance on Credit Card

When purchasing flight tickets with a credit card, your bank may provide you with basic complimentary travel insurance. It is possible to supplement the cover provided by the financial institution. Available options include medical cover.


When to purchase Travel Insurance

It is advised to purchase travel insurance as soon as the trip has been paid for. Travel Insurance must be purchased before your departure.


Can I extend my Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance can be extended should you extend your stay abroad. However, travelers can not extend their insurance if they have claimed on their existing policy at the time.


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